About MeeCap

MeeCap is a solution that visualizes and automatically analyzes operations from office big data, and improves the way people and organizations work.

We record operation of PC used on the spot of company and extract human technology, know-how or hidden problem.
* MeeCap® has a patent for operation visualization.


Analyze Dashboard

A function that can analyze the work status of each employee on a job basis

Auto Report

Automatic generation report that can grasp monthly, quarterly, and half year actual business conditions


Visualize business processes automatically in a flow diagram,Process mining function to analyze

Activity Log

Ability to view and analyze all business operations as time series data

use cases

Productivity improvement

  • Systematization and visualize operations before introduce RPA for review about work situation.
  • Identify systems with low working rate, Reconsider system functions and elimination and consolidation.

Work quality/Internal control

  • High performance analysing. Sharing works know-how and maintenance work processes.
  • Management members activity, foully activities deterrence and The trail information on operations. Protect members from risk of information leakage and practical use as feint.

The others

  • Visualize work of teleworker.
  • Man-hour management of residing member in company of trustees.



About company

Name MeeCap, Inc.
Established July, 2018
Capital ¥ 20,000,000
Offices 3-15-2, Nihonbashi, Chuo-ku, Tokyo, JAPAN
TEL +81-3-6262-6433
SouthernWish, Inc.
Products ■MeeCap
Consulting ■Data Analysis
■Digital Marketing


Teruaki Yamada
President and representative director CEO

Doshisha University, Japan Bachelor of law. Started business of digital marketing in NRI Netcom, Ltd. the group of Nomura Research Institute, Ltd. composed expart team of Google Marketing Platform and developed consulting buisiness interacting about digital transformation of company.
In 2018, Established MeeCap, Inc. after retire the company.

Yu Yasutake

Keio University, Japan Master of Information Technology. Joined NRI SecureTechnologies, Ltd. Engage in managed CSRIT, analysis malware and construct security system for major stock company as a security consultant. Involved in new business developement in Nomura Research Institute, Ltd. from 2016,
In 2018, Established MeeCap, Inc.

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