MeeCap features

Analyse Dashbord

In this dashboard can analyse the following items.

  • Work style
  • Application usage rates
  • Business hour ratio
  • URL
  • Path

Auto analysis report

This is the analysis report that is created automatically by MeeCap Server, It is created every one month, three months and six months. You can make assay evaluation that work style is changing or not by the following five viewpoints. And It can sample the work suitable for RPA etc...


The percentage of work that the company want to do during total time of using PC.

Suitable work sharing

The percentage of work’s deviation that inclined work only specific staffs or not.

Share information in the office

The percentage of work and file only specific staffs use.

Focus on work

The percentage of short time of work on the presupposition that can concentrate to work.

Utilize systems

The percentage of URL is used in fact that is necessary systems of URL for works.


It shows flow graph about work process based on operation log and it is the function of process mining to sample the looping process suitable for RPA typical work processes and exceptional processing flow.

Sampling looping processing and find a point of reworking by visualizing main guideline. It facilitate analyse of work process that have to automation and systematization by RPA.


The process of exeption and detour’s processing

Activity log

It shows mouse capture screens and keybord typing with the time sequence. Sample works of problems by the auto report,Finally it analyse each operations with function of activity log.


Visualize work
Devise a productivity improvement of white collar without placing a burden on a field by visualize and analyse the efficient operation and the flow of work from the operation’s log.
Improvement UI and UX
It is possible to analyse patterns of thinking , mentality of users and the condition of usability by to record the traffic line of users in site. And can get hints for improve UI and UX.
Internal control
Can estimate work process adjustment because it can report all of the operation logs. Protect members from risk of information leakage and practical use as feint.
Operation learning
Speaker can teach skills and know-how easily and can understand listener is worried by showing the detail of operations on the screen.
Remote control
Can value to share some informations more simple by using not only the words but images and videos for a partner who operate at remote location.
It can reappear as model that a record of expert’s practical operations. For example, gratest typing log of programming and good process to make data for presentation etc.
Operation procedure
The operation’s procedure was created before will review effectively by actual operation when releaseing system. Realize put off the work, direct next work, to detect working mistake and automations operations.
Make manual
Is shortened the time to create manual because not only capturing the screen of controlling in real time, but it is possible to do images editing and to put some comments freely.
Inquiry Correspondence
Create a simple process and send an e-mail when is getting an inquiry the like of controll’s methods, and can open the public controll’s manual and videos that is a lot of inquiry in prospect.
Avoiding operational mistakes
Analyse patterns that lead to mistake from work records, and avoid operations that introduce mistakes. Monitoring the control in real time, and shows an alert when captured a sign of make a mistake.
Get operation’s evidence
Can get the capture as operation’s evidence with evidence with the work as usual. It is the evidence about result in system development and detail of action in performance work.
Prevention of foully activity
Find a sign of internal fraud and information leakage by analyse patterns of control. Sample patterns of control of member who easy to produce iniquity and infomation leakage, and prevent iniquity.